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Category: - Others -
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Total found: 1986 !
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How to improve one more language
I'm yamuna. I live in Srilanka. I am learn one more language because it's easy.I use to One by one diferent system learn. I alwase use to minde map system.It's very easy for learning.I'm not rech but my education very expencive.Please help me.

Language pair: English; German
StarKrish De silva
April 28, 2009

# Msgs: 1

Re:make dreams for real :-)
Agreed with your message =)

Language pair: English; German
April 27, 2009

# Msgs: 2
Latest: April 29, 2009
Answer to Rabea : make dreams for real :-)

Hi! I think we both like English and so, we can speak it together ,I learn German too.

Send me a message if you want,

Language pair: English; 
April 27, 2009

# Msgs: 1

I am from Germany.
Where are you from?
Contact me pls.

Language pair: English; 
April 24, 2009

# Msgs: 5
Latest: July 3, 2009
Pen Pals
Hey Leute. Ich suche eine Mail-/Brieffreundin zwischen 12-16 Jahren aus der USA.
Meldet euch doch bitte einfach bei mir.
Das wäre echt nett.
Eure ~miley_yasse~

Hey. I am looking for a pen friend (or a mail-friend) between 12-16 years from the U.S..
Sign up, please just contact me.
That would be really nice.
Yours ~miley_yasse~

Language pair: German; English
April 24, 2009

# Msgs: 1

Need native speakers of Spanish, French and German to participate in a linguistic research survey
Hi, my name is Jackie and I am a French and Spanish student. I am currently doing a project for a class studying grammatical gender usage in languages such as Spanish, French and German. If anyone is a native speaker of one of these three languages and would like to help, please contact me! It only takes 10 minutes of your time to complete a written survey I will send to you by web and would greatly help a fellow language student out! :)

Hola, me llamo Jackie y soy una estudiante de francés y español. Actualmente, hago un proyecto para una clase, estudiando el uso del genero gramático en las lenguas como el español, francés y alemán. Si alguien es un hablante nativo de una de esas tres lenguas y le gustaría ayudar, por favor pone usted en contacto conmigo. Solamente dura 10 minutos para completar el estudio escrito que voy a enviarle y ¡sería un gran ayuda a una estudiante de lenguas!

Salut, je m’appelle Jackie et je suis une étudiante de français et espagnol. Je fais un projet pour une classe, qui étudie l’emploi du genre grammatique dans les langues comme le français, l’espagnol et l’allemand. Si quelqu’un est une personne de langue maternelle français, s’il vous plaît, contactez-moi. Il faut seulement 10 minutes pour compléter l’étude écrit que je vais vous envoyer par l’Internet et ce serait une grande aide pour une étudiante de langues !

Hallo, ist mein Name Jackie und ich bin ein französischer und spanischer Student. Ich tue aktuell ein Projekt für eine Klasse, die Verwendung des grammatischen Geschlechtes in den Sprachen wie Spanischen, Franzosen und Deutschem. Wenn jedermann ein Muttersprachler von einer dieser drei Sprachen ist und helfen möchte, zu gefallen treten Sie mit mir in Verbindung! Es dauert nur 10 Minuten Ihrer Zeit, eine schriftliche Übersicht abzuschließen, die ich Ihnen durch Web schicke und groß einem Mitsprachstudenten heraus helfen würde! :)

Language pair: Spanish; French
April 20, 2009

# Msgs: 1

Re:How to make myself happy?
i have the same feeling with you, i always being happy in front of others, both friends and family... everyone think that i'm happy...but i'm there's something that i wanna do but i can' parents keep arrange all the things for me, they think i'm not mature enaugh and not able to do any decision...but they don't understand what i want...they just thought they know me well..
bout your bf, i don't know wassup, but i think u have to find out what's the problem between you...

Language pair: English; Chinese, Cantonese
j- neko
April 19, 2009

# Msgs: 2
Latest: April 19, 2009
How to make myself happy?
I live in a happy family ,my father and my mother both love me,though they are not rich ,they still give me the best. In life , I am opmistic and always smile,everyone seems that i am happy girl, however, i feel lonely,no one can really understang me and know what i really need,even my Bf, we always quarrel, it seems i should over this unhappy love

Language pair: Burmese; 
lynn wu
April 18, 2009

# Msgs: 2
Latest: April 19, 2009
me ayudas y yo con gusto te ayudo!! que dices?? vale??
hola mi nombre es coral rosseneth y tengo 17 años y estoy aprendiendo ingles y quisiera conocer a alguien que este dispuesto a intercambiar español-ingles....asi tu me ayudas y yo con gusto te ayudo en tu español??
me gusta conocer gente nueva e intereasante
espero que alguien se ponga en contacto conmigo va
estare muy agradecida
un buen abrazo

Hello, my name´s coral rosseneth,I´m 17 years old so i´m learning english and I know someone met who is willing to exchange English-Spanish .... well you help me and I will gladly help you in Spanish?
I like meeting new people and interesting
I hope someone is going to contact me
be grateful
a good hug

Language pair: Spanish; - Other -
rosseneth silva
April 14, 2009

# Msgs: 1

How do you say "i love you" in polish
Hola amigos. Ojala alguno de ustedes puede indicarme como decir "i love you", "cariñito" y otras palabras cariñosas

Language pair: Spanish; Polish
Bertro Noel
April 13, 2009

# Msgs: 2
Latest: February 14, 2010
Total found: 1986 !
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